Content Management

Our enterprise content management solution enables you to make the most of your content, in terms of storage, management, usage, and monetization.

OTT Media Services

Whatever plan you have in mind for monetizing your content, we are on board!
There is implicit support for conventional business models such as SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD. Other customized models are also applicable.
We also have built-in support for Direct Carrier Billing.

Hosting And Streaming

All your content will be stored securely and redundantly using state of the art technology. Thus we make sure that they are safe and accessible to you and your customers regardless of location or the devices you may use.

Key Features

Content Management Platform

Your employees, representatives, associates, and clients can update your contents by editing or uploading new data if they have proper privileges.

Direct Carrier Billing

We offer the only OTT platform with DCB support. Direct Carrier Billing is the perfect payment for low engagement small payments, especially in the entertainment industry.

Native Apps for All Devices

We create applications with your brand, which are executable on all devices with conventional operating systems. Mobile, tablet, desktop, TV, you name it.

Customer Care and Support

We take care of supporting your customers so you can focus on creating fresh content for them. We are comitted to improve our products continually.

Multi-Platform Streaming System

End users can enjoy convenient content wherever they are, regardless of the device they use.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

We use adaptive bitrate streaming best practices to create a seamless content streaming system.

Global Content Delivery Network

We make sure that your users have secure, reliable, and convenient access to your content.

Business Data and Reports

Whatever business model you implement, you will get the most relevant data and the most valuable reports, respectively.

The Procedure

1. You have quality content

You know your audience, and you are considering options for monetizing your content. All you need to do is to contact us.
You upload your content on our servers, and we assure you that they are safe and secure. You can manage your content using our panel.

2. We discuss our options

Our solution is customizable whether you need an end-to-end complete OTT solution, or you simply need a platform for content management and streaming.
We support a variety of business models and payment methods.

3. Time to harvest!

Our solution guarantees reliable delivery of your content to your customers.
You should consider providing fresh content for them regularly. We take care of everything else.


100,000+ Users
50+ Services
4,000+ Hours of Video


Some great companies have seen the potential and trusted us with their content businesses. Now they are happy, and we are proud.

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